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    Please look for the answer to your question below before submitting a support ticket.


    : When should I create a support ticket?

    : This support desk is to help you with any technical issues that you may be having with this websites or one of the products contained herein. Examples might be a dead link or a video not working.

    This help desk is not meant to be used for coaching or assistance in building your internet business.

    If you feel that this website or product is not functioning properly then please report the problem by submitting a ticket below.

     : When can I expect a response?

     : Please note, when you make a help desk ticket, it may take up to 2 business days to get a reply back in normal circumstances. You may not get a reply on the weekend.

    While we still try to get back to you same day, please understand that there are certain circumstances that may create a back log.

    Also, any ticket you submit will be replied to. It is impossible for a ticket to go unanswered. Please do not post a duplicate ticket for the same reason. This will only have 2 people working on your ticket at 2 different times and can actually create a delay in response to you.

    Finally, when creating a support ticket, please be as detailed as possible. Give the product, website, date and time you purchased, the price you paid, your receipt number, how you paid, along with a complete description of your problem. Feel free to include any screen shots or video you made to show the problem. We look forward to helping you with your problem.

     : I can’t log in.

     : Log in details are case sensitive so be sure your caps lock is not on. You created your log in and password when you signed up for the site. Check your e-mails for a confirmation of your log in details. If you have forgotten your password you can request it from the log in page.

     : Video won’t play / load

     : The videos are server based at Amazon S3 and stream at 512kbps. We use the latest in Cloudfront technology to ensure the best streaming possible, this means playback speed and loading time will depend mostly on your internet connection. If the video is buffering or taking time to catch up press the pause button and allow the file to load completely before playing again. Patience is a virtue.

    : I can’t see my tutorial modules.

    : The modules are located on the tutorials page. Only full access members can view the step by step tutorial module videos. You can upgrade to a full access membership from within the website or if you have already paid for this access then you may contact our support staff by submitting a ticket.

     : Problem using the Plugin.

    : Please watch the install video and go through the instructional PDF guide. Then check your existing plugins against SVS Tube Control. Deactivate all plugins except SVS Tube Control and reactivate one by one. When you find the plugin conflict (if there is one) please let us know about it.

     : Plugin Installed but won’t run Results.

    : Make sure you are entering all the required data in the correct fields on the Add New Search tab. Only after each of these is filled can you click Save Options. Then go to the other tab and click the Generate button. It may take a few minutes for the plugin to fetch your results, the speed of this is dependent on your internet connection so bad connects may take longer.

    If you are still not seeing your results or are getting another error make sure to contact your host to see if you website is running the “correct permissions” on your plugins folder to allow it to run properly. Some hosts have their own special permission levels are may return a 403 Error when you try to run certain software on your site.

     : I want a refund for my SVS Access.

    : You can get a “No Questions Asked Refund”  within 60days of your initial purchase.  You can do this directly from Clickbank if you click here.  If you need help with your account or you have questions feel free to contact us at the support desk.


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